Yearbook Photos

12 Reasons to choose Champion Photography as your Yearbook Photographers


1)      With Champion Photography, your yearbook advisor works directly with the photography company.  We know who you are when you call us with a question or a problem.


2)      We schedule your photo days when it is best for your school and we can come back when ever you need us.


3)      Our photographers have years of experience and a vested interest in making sure your photographs are of the highest quality photography for your yearbook.  We don't send you "Trainees"…you always get the BEST.


4)      Our student photos will work seamlessly with any yearbook publisher.  Our images are compatible with Lifetouch, Josten's, Entourage and School Annual, to name a few.


5)      We have the latest professional digital system.  Your students will be able to see their portrait immediately after it is taken.  If a student wants to re-do his/her portrait we can do it right then.


6)      The quality of our images remains a top priority.  We use only professional equipment and processing and we always guarantee our customer’s complete satisfaction.


7)      We are consistent.  We create student yearbook images with consistent Head Size, Pose Direction, Lighting, and Background Color.


8)      We work closely with your Yearbook Advisor to make sure that there are no errors.  Champion Photography does the majority of the work in matching photos with the proper student and organizing each student’s data to insure the accuracy of your yearbook. 


9)      On Picture Day you can be sure that we will be dressed appropriately and conduct ourselves in a professional manner with your students, faculty and staff.


10)   We provide exceptional Customer Service to your Students and their Parents by working directly with your students or parents to answer questions or resolve any concerns they may have about their package.


11)   We know who your students are.  Your students or their parents will never have to talk to a customer service representative who is in another state, who knows nothing about your school, what happened on Picture Day, or what the finished Picture Package looked like.


12)   Students and Parents can order Picture Packages AFTER Picture Day: Most photography companies are not able to offer packages to those students who did not have their money on picture day.