Prom & Dance



     A WALK IN THE CLOUDS                       GAZEEBO NIGHT                           TROPICAL PARADISE


                                        STARLIGHT FAIRYTALE                                 PARIS


     DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER                   BLACK TIE AFFAIR                           HOLIDAY ARCH


            VEGAS NIGHTS                                        MARDI GRAS                               MASQUERADE BALL


                                                    RED CARPET AFFAIR IN GOLD OR SILVER



                                                                       ON LOCATION PORTRAITS




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Prior to Prom:

We meet with the Prom Committee and Prom Advisor to design a background that goes with your prom theme.

We also meet with the Contact Person at the location where Prom will be held BEFORE Prom night to go over details.

The Night of Prom:

We set up the professional background that has been accepted and approved by the Prom Committee/Prom Advisor.

With our cutting edge Digital System couples know their Prom Photos are Perfect!  As couples are photographed they actually SEE and APPROVE their portraits before they leave the photo area.

After Prom:

We deliver picture packages to the school 2 weeks after Prom

We Guarantee the satisfaction of our work

Champion Photography provides at NO CHARGE to Your School (if requested):

Publicity posters to the school for display